A Celtic Forum in Rennes next Thursday

The first Celtic Forum organized by Brittany Regional Council will welcome, Thursday August 3 in Rennes, the representatives of the various Celtic territories: Scotland, Ireland, Galicia, Cornwall, Wales, Asturias and Brittany.

Will be attending :

Loïg Chesnais-Girard, President of the Brittany Region,
Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales,
Shona Robinson, Deputy First Minister of Scotland,
Linda Taylor, Chair of Cornwall Council,
Niall Burgess, Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland to France,
Maria Belarmina Díaz Aguado, Director General for Industry of the Principality of Asturias,
Jesùs Gamallo Aller, Director General of External Relations of Galicia.
Linked for centuries by a common cultural and linguistic heritage, as well as by a maritime space conducive to trade, the Celtic territories occupy an important place in the European geopolitical space.

The Celtic Forum will thus be an opportunity for all to strengthen existing ties but above all to promote the place of the Celtic community internationally.

On Friday a symposium on Celtic identity is scheduled at the Lorient Interceltic Festival, and the same day the 3rd Interceltic Business Forum will also take place in Lorient..

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