A Russian writer living in Georgia translates Gogol in Breton

Book cover
Anna Mouradova is a Russian writer of Georgian origin who has lived in Georgia for several years. She speaks and writes the Breton language and was even a professor of Breton at the University of Moscow. Today she is in serious difficulty because the Georgian authorities are refusing to renew her residence permit. She even risks being deported to Russia where she could face persecution.

She has just translated the famous novel by the Ukrainian writer Nicolas Gogol: The Nose from Russian into Breton. This Kafkaesque satirical short story of an individual who wakes up one day without his nose appeared in 1836. Written in Russian, it is as well-known as another of his novels, Dead Souls, in all countries of the former USSR . Gogol greatly influenced Russian literature and in particular Dostoyevsky and Bulgakov. Religious to the point of mysticism, Gogol believed that his mission on this earth was to morally save Russia.

Ar Fri by Nicolas Gogol, translated by Anna Mouradova, was released last February. The Breton publisher is An Alarc'h Embannadurioù

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