Brittany Ferries back afloat

Since 1972, Brittany Ferries has been linking the Celtic countries of the Atlantic Arc in trade and travel, revealing fabulous holiday destinations and the rich experience of traveling by sea. From humble beginnings, with its roots deep in the very soil of Brittany, Brittany Ferries has become the leading ferry operator on the western Channel.

Brexit and Covid have been almost fatal to all ferries transports across the channel. In 2020, the company confirmed its worst annual results for decades, but Brittany Ferries did get some help, has survived and was able to celebrate its 50th anniversary last year.

Today, Brittany Ferries is back with links to 12 ports in France, the UK, Spain and Ireland. The Plymouth-Roscoff line will reopen March 23rd 2023 with a trip almost everyday except on Wednesdays and some Tuesdays. The Cork-Roscoff line will reopen Wednesday March 22nd and soon after with two trips every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Roscoff-Cork is scheduled on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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