A Wolf Spotted and Filmed in Brittany

After more than a century of absence the wolf is back in Brittany! The last seen wolf was killed in 1913! On May 4, 2022, a wolf was filmed in Berrien, in the Monts-d'Arrée, by an automatic camera from Bretagne Vivante, a nature protection association.

On January 7, Paul Allain filmed a wolf in Ploubezre not far from Lannion. He was driving with his mother in a quiet electric car when they spotted the animal. The young man was fast enough to film the wolf with his phone. This is the second report of a wolf in Brittany since the animal's return. This grey wolf specie originated in Italy and crossed the Alps few decades ago.

The animal has since been formally identified by the French Office for Biodiversity as Canis Lupus (grey wolf).

Brittany has been home to a sizeable wolf population for centuries. With its moors and forests, the region was a favorable territory for this animal. The animal is thus an important part of the legendary heritage of tales and legends. Breton saints are known for making convenants with wolves. They were mediators between man and nature.

Further back in time, the wolf was a symbol for the Celts. Lug, supreme god of Celtic mythology, is represented accompanied by two wolves.

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