Housing tax for second homes in Brittany to increase

Above : Aerial view of the beautiful city of Privateers - Saint Malo in Brittany. Antoine 2K

Housing in Brittany is more and more like In Cornwall, on the other side of the channel. Tourists and retired people buying houses on the coast make it more and more difficult for local people to afford buying a home or even to find a rental. In one year housing prices in Brittany have increased by 10% and apartment rentals by 8.8% (sources : les notaires bretons). The percentage of second homes is 70% on Ile aux Moines and 65% in Carnac. In total, there are 235 000 second homes on Brittany coast, a figure that has increased by 5% in 5 years. Second homes in Brittany may soon be overtaxed. In addition to soaring real estate prices, the region is experiencing a major housing crisis which is causing a shortage of year-round accommodation and therefore making it difficult for Bretons to reside in their own region. On October 21, the National Assembly passed an amendment in the finance bill which could change the situation by increasing the housing tax on second homes.

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