A conference-debate on Armand Tuffin de la Rouërie January 28th in Rennes

The seminar is organized by the Institut culturel de Bretagne- Skol Uhel ar Vro, in collaboration with the association Breizh Amerika, on the occasion of the 230th anniversary of the death of La Rouërie, in Lamballe on January 30, 1793.

The publication of Thierry de Navacelle's book on the history of Colonel Armand de la Rouërie (Editions du Temps) provides a historical reminder of what La Rouërie's life was like and of his action with La Fayette for the United States' independence. It also allows us to put into perspective the links between the United States and Brittany for nearly two and a half centuries.

The conference will take place at the Franco-American Institute of Rennes, January 28th. You must reserve your place at : armelle.le-guillou [at] skoluhelarvro.bzh . 

For more détails on the day program please check here

George Washington letter to Congress telling about the Marquis Armand Tuffin de la Rouërie service in the US Army as a Colonel, showing honor, intelligence and bravery. As the founding father of the US Cavalry, La Rouerie was nominated General at the end of the war of independence.

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