A petition for regional literature teaching in French schools

Breton poet Anjela Duval
Linguists and regional languages advocates have launched a petition for regional literature to be taught in French schools. Today school programs leave almost no room for the works of authors writing in Breton, Corsican, Basque, Creole...and yet Frédéric Mistral who wrote in occitan was Nobel prize winner in literature and the poetry of Breton poet Anjela Duval is such a treasure. There are many more masterpieces that should be transmitted to younger generations.

It is time to give a real place to literature in regional languages ​​in school textbooks. All students in France should know that there are many authors in France who have spoken and still speak in languages ​​other than French.

This petition, is signed in particular by historians Mona Ozouf, Philippe Martel and Rémy Pech; the writers Patrick Chamoiseau, Ananda Devi, Yann-Bêr Kemener, Didier Daeninckx, David Diop, Axel Gauvin and Jonas Rano; novelist and filmmaker Gérard Mordillat; the singers Francis Cabrel, Alan Stivell, Eric Fraj, Goulamas'K, Yannick Jaulin, HK (Kaddour Hadadi), I Muvrini, Joan de Nadau and Manu Théron; linguists Philippe Blanchet and Bernard Cerquiglini; deputy Paul Molac, vice-president of the Brittany region Christian Troadec and former minister Azouz Begag; Yann Uguen, president of the Diwan network; the jurists Véronique Bertile and Wanda Mastor as well as by a large number of academics, French and foreign, therefore asks the Ministry of National Education to enrich its programs in order to finally make room, alongside literature in French, for other literatures of France.

Here the link to sign the petition : https://www.mesopinions.com/petition/art-culture/vraie-place-litteratures-langues-regionales-programmes/193595

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