Tri Yann Breton singer Jean-Paul Corbineau died

Breton singer-songwriter and musician Jean-Paul Corbineau, born August 26, 1948 in Nantes, died today December 16, 2022 following a long illness. He was a founding member of the traditional Breton music group Tri Yann.

In 2017 he received the Bro Gozh prize because they were the first singers to have the breton anthem in their repertoire. In September 2020, he had received, with the other two Yann, the Hermine Necklace.

Tri Yann had performed a “Kenavo tour” ending September 11 2021 in Nantes. A last concert, in front of an enthusiastic audience, marking the end of some 1,700 concerts in just over fifty years. Since then, they have produced two remastered greatest hits albums.

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